Fort Point Pier: News and Paddlesports Event Listings

Ongoing Events and Upcoming Activities
Occasional •  Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga at Fort Point Pier
Occasional •  NE Seacoast Paddlers Meetup paddles to/from Fort Point Pier
Occasional •  Casual Paddlers Meetup paddles to/from Fort Point Pier
Ongoing •  Boston's 1st annual HARBOR SEAL SIGHTING CONTEST

Photos and Videos from Fort Point Pier
VIDEO: Boating Local checks out Fort Point PIer (filmed 11/11)
VIDEO: Sea kayak paddle from Fort Point Channel through Charles River Locks
PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: Hurricane Sandy breaches Fort Point Channel seawall
PHOTOS: New England Seacoast Paddlers tour Fort Point Channel / Charles River
VIDEO: The southern end of the Fort Point Channel by kayak!
VIDEO: 2nd Boston Tea Party ship Eleanor arrives in Fort Point Channel
VIDEO: Boston's Old Northern Avenue Bridge (c. 1908) in operation, seen from below!
VIDEO: Fort Point Channel Goose incubating eggs at USPS Dot Ave Facility
VIDEO: Lone Canadian Goose adopts the dock at Fort Point Pier
VIDEO: Boston Tea Party ship Beaver arrives at Fort Point Channel

Archived Events over Fort Point Pier's First 3 Years (2011-2014)
05/24/14 •  Sweetgreen and Boston1 Dragon Boat fitness paddle (click BOS location)
08/25/13 •  Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series at the ICA - paddle over from Fort Point Pier!
Summer '13•  By Land and Sea offers SUP lessons on Fort Point Channel
06/09/13 •  Fort Point Neighborhood Picnic on Harborwalk at Fort Point Pier
05/18/13 •  Fort Point Channel Open rowing races sponsored by Hull Lifesaving Museum
04/27/13 •  Public celebration of Design Museum Boston's Street Seats Challenge
08/25/12 • Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series at the ICA - paddle over from Fort Point Pier!
Summer '12 •  Hull Lifesaving Museum to offer rowing lessons and rowboat rentals (info/dates TBA)
Summer '12 •  Charles River Canoe & Kayak offering Fort Point Channel / Harbor tours
07/27/12 • ESPN VIDEO: P&G Gillette light show on Boston Harbor for opening of Olympic Games
07/27/12 •  Gillette Celebration of London 2012 Oympic Games in Boston Harbor
07/28/12 •  New England Seacoast Paddlers meetup launching from Fort Point PIer
07/04/12 • 4th of July Festivities!
06/28/12 • 07/06/12 • War of 1812 Anniversary / Tall Ships: Events
07/02/12 • Fort Point artist Peter Agoos launches Channel installation from Fort Point Pier
06/25/12 • Tea Party Ships and Museum opening celebration
05/03/12 •  Boston Tea Paddle at Liberty Wharf June 16-17
05/03/12 •  Fort Point Channel Docks / Opening Celebration
04/29/12 •  "Remodeling Project" public art installation launches from Fort Point PIer
04/18/12 •  Brig Beaver to enter FP Channel 4/19 at 8:15 AM. Destination: Boston Tea Party Museum
03/24/12 •  UniversalHub looks at the end of the Fort Point Channel (accessible by kayak)
12/10/11 •  Fort Point Pier Gallery opens for community arts, music and performance
10/21/11 •  Fort Point Pier Opening Day — We launched and recorded the first kayak!

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