1st Annual Fort Point Channel Seal Sighting Contest

Win a FREE Kayalite® kayak kight, invented, patented and manufactured in Fort Point, Boston!

As depicted in the imaginary photo below, we're predicting that harbor seals will find a sunny respite from Boston Harbor waters on the dock at Fort Point Pier. Over the past decade, harbor seal sightings in Fort Point Channel have been increasing in regularity.

Below, our Photoshopped rendering of what we expect to see:

Harbor seals on Fort Point Pier, Boston

Below, actual photo of Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco:

Harbor seals on Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco

Keep your eyes peeled!

CONTEST RULES: If you e-mail us the first real, independently confirmed image of a harbor seal basking on the dock at Fort Point Pier, we'll send you a FREE Kayalu Kayalite® kayak light ($49.95 value). Please note "SEAL SIGHTING CONTEST" in your e-mail subject line. If you'd prefer not to send a hires image by e-mail, upload the image to Imgur through your web browser and send us the link. We'll include a photo credit if we publish your images on the Fort Point Pier site. NOTE: Our confirmation of independent sighting will consider multiple photographs of a single event, photographed from two or more perspectives, submitted by one source (contest entrant) or multiple sources.

Early entries are rolling in...

Seal on Fort Point Pier, photo by Friends of Fort Point Channel

Friends of Fort Point Channel, Boston MA, May 14, 2015
Contest Status: extraordinary composition, unconfirmed sighting,
no Fort Point Pier in photo, no Kayalite!
Seal on Fort Point Pier, photo by Laura Davidson

Laura Davidson, Boston MA, April 2012
Contest Status: stunning image, unconfirmed sighting, no Kayalite!
Seal on Fort Point Pier, photo by Bob Souther

Bob Souther, Boston MA, April 2012
Contest Status: very creative, unconfirmed sighting, no Kayalite!
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